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With the housing market still recovering and 401Ks and the stock market still sluggish, many of us feel like we’re chasing a retirement that seems to get farther and farther out of reach. No matter how hard we work, we’re just not confident in our ability to retire comfortably – or at a young enough age to enjoy it. From Main Street to Wall Street our investment dollars are not performing as consistently as they should, and it’s causing a lot of stress and frustration!

In the mad scramble to maximize investment income with minimal risk, one of the safest options is real estate. Not direct investment such as buying and flipping houses (which also requires a lot of time and cash); we’re talking about indirect investment via private money mortgages.

One of the positives – in fact the biggest plus as far as investing is concerned – is the fact that this type of investment is safe and offers a guaranteed high rate of return. In essence, private investors play the role of a bank in the loan process. A private money mortgage is just as secure as a bank loan, in that all of the same instruments, documents and procedures are followed, protecting all parties. Another advantage is the fact that there is no limit on how much private money is invested or where it comes from. Investors are paid principle and interest monthly, with the balance building at a steady rate. Our clients earn up to 6.5% fixed interest, guaranteed, without risk!

Real estate knowledge is not a requirement for this type of investment. We’re the real estate expert for all of our investing service clients, and not only do we ensure financially sound buyers and property purchases, but we also guarantee that each transaction is building a portfolio of high-performing cash flow properties. We have years of experience and many happy clients to attest to the success of our income investor services.

A comfortable retirement is not out of reach. It is attainable, if you know how and where to invest securely.

We can help! If you’re tired of the roller coaster ride of the stock market and are ready to earn a safe, high yield, contact us for more information. +1 (410) 971-5554 or